WinEssential Projet

WinEssential project provide some composants for Delphi 6 and above (easy to adabte for Delphi 4/5) under LGPL license, except when is presised (WinButton, CPUID...).

You can found :
  1. AdvancedListView
  2. AdvancedProgressBar
  3. CPUID
  4. ImageButton
  5. MovableAndResisablePanel
  6. MoveAndResize
  7. SelectDirectory
  8. WinButton
  9. WinXPTheme
  10. IE7Edit


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  • Version 20080120 du 04/02/2008 20:17:04
  • Version 20080116 du 04/02/2008 20:17:03
  • AdvancedListView

    A herited ListView with color line or column, sort, display background image,display arrow in header.

    AdvancedProgressBar iconAdvancedProgressBar

    A very cool progressbar, not herited from standard progressbar. You can have static color, gardien color, 3D effect, image display and can setup positoin of text and display special text when bar in 100%


    Component to detect CPU on machine. You can detect 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium and more. You can have Vendor (AMD, Intel, Cyrix...),  Model, Stepping, instruction supported (MMX, SSE, 3DNow!), number of core and processor, HyperThreading, ExecutionBit....
    License : public domain.

    ImageButton iconImageButton

    A very beautifull button, with image (static, over, down), caption, font caption (static, over, focused).
    License : public domain.

    MovableAndResisablePanel iconMovableAndResisablePanel

    Simple panel that you can resize or move

    MoveAndResize iconMoveAndResize

    A component to resize and move all component support top, left, height, width property.

    SelectDirectory iconSelectDirectory

    Standard SelectDirectory component.

    WinButton iconWinButton

    A very power full inherited standard button. You can have picture, toggle picture, arrow, dropdownmenu...

    WinXPTheme iconWinXPTheme

    Component to activate XP/Vista visual theme for your application. Only needed by Delphi 2/3/4/5/6.

    WinXPTheme iconIE7Edit

    A TEdit like Internet Explorer 7.

    Copyright MARTINEAU Emeric